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Income Focused Real Estate

Invest in Something Real®

Black Creek Diversified Property Fund (DPF) is a $2.3 billion portfolio of high-quality real estate assets as of September 30, 2017.

  • Existing portfolio
  • Disciplined portfolio construction process

  • Income focused real estate

  • Investor-aligned structure


Why Black Creek Group?

More than 25 years of experience developing, acquiring, operating, financing and selling commercial and residential real estate in the United States and Mexico
Real estate operators with development expertise
Expertise across property types


Why Commercial Real Estate?

Potential Investment Portfolio Benefits

  • Historical income
  • Low correlation to other asset classes
  • Enhanced risk-adjusted return potential
  • Prospective hedge against inflation

Strong Demand Drivers

  • Consistent population growth
  • GDP and employment growth

Positive Trends

  • Limited new supply
  • Favorable operating fundamentals
  • Increasing institutional allocations to direct commercial real estate


NAV and Transaction Price*

Class I


Class D


Class S


Class T


Class E


* The Class I, Class D, Class S and Class T per share price will generally be equal to the transaction price above, plus any applicable up-front selling commissions and dealer manager fees. The above share class information  for Class I, Class D, Class S and Class T represents the transaction price for each share class of our common stock for subscriptions accepted as of March 1, 2018 (and repurchases as of February 28, 2018). The Class E Share is not open to new investments. The transaction price presented is rounded to two decimal places. The NAV and Transaction price can also be obtained by calling 888.310.9352.