Investment Strategy


DPF is constructed using a clear, repeatable institutional process.

Portfolio Construction



Access to Institutional-Quality Assets

Direct Real Estate Property Ownership1

As of September 30, 2019


Existing Portfolio (as of September 30, 2019)
$2.1 billion portfolio
48 properties
19 geographic markets
Approximately 8.6 million net rentable square feet
Total portfolio approximately 93.2% leased
5-year weighted average remaining lease term (for commercial properties only; based on annualized base rent)
Debt to asset ratio:2 40.4%
Weighted average interest rate: approximately 3.5%
Top Corporate Tenants (by Annualized Base Rent)4
1. Stop & Shop 6. I.A.M National Pension Fund
2. Seton Healthcare Network 7. Citco Fund Services
3. Mizuho Bank Ltd. 8. Home Depot
4. Trinet USA, Inc. 9. TJX Companies
5. 10. Alliant Techsystems

Diversified by Geography3


Property Type Allocation3



1 Based on fair value, real property only. Markets shown comprise greater than 2% of the total fair value of DPF’s real property portfolio.
2 Total principal outstanding under DPF’s total borrowings divided by the fair value of DPF’s real property and debt investments.
3 Measured by fair value, real property only.
4 Reflects only tenants at commercial properties, which are DPF’s office, retail and industrial properties None of the tenants named have endorsed Black Creek Diversified Property Fund or its public offering. The names are included only for purposes of your evaluation of the quality of the tenant base of the properties owned and operated by Black Creek Diversified Property Fund. Top tenants are listed by annualized base rent, starting with the largest tenant.