NAV Methodology

NAV Methodology


Our board of directors, including a majority of our independent directors, has adopted valuation procedures, as amended from time to time, that contain a comprehensive set of methodologies to be used in connection with the calculation of our NAV. One fundamental element of the valuation process, the valuation of our real property portfolio, is managed by Altus Group U.S., Inc., an independent valuation firm (“the Independent Valuation Firm”) approved by our board of directors, including a majority of our independent directors. Altus Group is a multidisciplinary provider of independent, professional real estate services with a network of over 60 offices in 14 countries worldwide, including Canada, the U.K., Australia, the United States and the Middle East. Altus Group is engaged in the business of rendering opinions regarding the value of commercial real estate properties and is not affiliated with us or our advisor.

The real property portfolio valuation, which is the largest component of our NAV calculation, is provided to us by the Independent Valuation Firm. The foundation for this valuation is periodic appraisals. The overarching principle of these appraisals is to produce valuations that represent fair and accurate estimates of the unencumbered values of our real estate or the prices that would be received for our real properties in arm’s-length transactions between market participants before considering underlying debt. The valuation of our real properties determined by the Independent Valuation Firm may not always reflect the value at which we would agree to buy or sell such assets and the value at which we would buy or sell such assets could materially differ from the Independent Valuation Firm’s estimate of fair value. Prior to the commencement of this offering, we obtained appraisals on each of our consolidated properties for use in our initial NAV calculation. We have now commenced ongoing appraisals pursuant to schedules prepared by the Independent Valuation Firm and our Advisor that are designed to conduct appraisals on each of our properties throughout any given calendar year. In order to provide a smooth and orderly appraisal process, we seek to have approximately 1/12th of the portfolio appraised by a third party each month, although we may have more or less appraised in a month. In no event will a calendar year pass without having each and every property valued by appraisal unless such asset is bought or sold in such calendar year. However, each month, the Independent Valuation Firm adjusts a real property’s valuation, as necessary, based on known events that have a material impact on the most recent value (adjustments for non-material events may also be made).

Each calendar year our board of directors, including a majority of our independent directors, reviews the appropriateness of our valuation procedures. With respect to the valuation of our properties, the Independent Valuation Firm provides the board of directors with periodic valuation reports. From time to time our board of directors, including a majority of our independent directors, may adopt changes to the valuation procedures if it (1) determines that such changes are likely to result in a more accurate reflection of NAV or a more efficient or less costly procedure for the determination of NAV without having a material adverse effect on the accuracy of such determination or (2) otherwise reasonably believes a change is appropriate for the determination of NAV. We will publicly announce material changes to our valuation procedures or the identity or role of the Independent Valuation Firm.

While the methodologies contained in the valuation procedures are designed to operate reliably within a wide variety of circumstances, it is possible that in certain unanticipated situations or after the occurrence of certain extraordinary events (such as a terrorist attack or an act of nature), our ability to implement and coordinate our NAV procedures may be impaired or delayed, including in circumstances where there is a delay in accessing or receiving information from vendors or other reporting agents. Further, the NAV per share should not be viewed as being determinative of the value of our common stock that may be received in a sale to a third party or the value at which our stock would trade on a national exchange. We may suspend this offering and the share redemption program if our board of directors determines that the calculation of NAV may be materially incorrect or there is a condition that restricts the valuation of a material portion of our assets.

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